School Profile

Three core interrelated strands encompass all areas of learning for students at Halls Gap Primary School:

  • Physical and Personal Learning – Health and Physical Education, Personal Learning, Interpersonal Learning, Civics and Citizenship
  • Discipline Based Learning – The Arts, English, Languages Other Than English, Humanities (Geography, History and Economics), Mathematics and Science
  • Interdisciplinary Learning – Communication, Design, Creativity and Technology, Information and Communications Technology and Thinking

Early Years Programming and catering for individual learning needs are strong features across the school. Multi-age groupings operate in all curriculum areas from Prep to Year 6.

The school broadens its curriculum options by utilising the services of the Mobile Area Resource Centre based in Great Western. Strategies used to enhance children’s learning include: development of leadership skills, cross-age tutoring, buddy system, multi age groupings, investigative/inquiry based learning and one on one intervention. Additional programs that assist in the all-round development of the child include: Junior School Council, swimming (survival and competition), athletics, cluster school activities and carnivals, a large number of sporting opportunities, extensive transition activities, camps and annual School Concert.

The school enjoys the added benefits associated with being nestled within the Grampians National Park. The school grounds provide both large open spaces for play and activities while maintaining the feel of being very much within a rich, natural environment. The school nature reserve provides an added dimension for activities and programs.

Halls Gap Primary School is a member of the Grampians Small Schools Cluster. The cluster schools enjoy shared group days, cultural activities, sporting opportunities, camps, transition and networking opportunities.